terrell_aboutpicTerrell Lindsey
12 1/2 years as a personal trainer
Founder, World of Lindsey Fitness (W.O.L.F.)

Terrell graduated from¬†Dickinson State University where he was a starting basketball player. He was invited to try out for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Afterward they informed him that he wasn’t strong enough for pro basketball.

“Not being strong held me back from playing at that level,” Terrell says now. He started going to a gym with friends, and after a while he noticed that other patrons asked him about how to exercise. They wanted to know about proper form, as well as what exercises would help them the most.¬†

Terrell decided to turn his knowledge and passion into a career. He earned a Certification from the American Council of Exercise (ACE), the leading provider of personal trainer certifications, exercise information, workouts, healthy recipes, and more. He is currently a certified strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer.

Instead of giving clients a workout they will do for three weeks before changing, Terrell switches up his routines daily. “My clients work the same targeted muscle groups, but they do it in a different way every workout.” In six months, a client may do the same workout once.

This type of training keeps the muscles developing, and more importantly, keeps exercise from becoming stale or boring.

Additionally, Terrell understands that each client is different, with individual strengths, weakness, and goals. He listens to his clients so he can understand their limitations and help them overcome them to reach their fitness and weight loss goals.

Terrell says about his training method, “I know what people are looking for when they come to me. I have an intuitive sense of how to help people meet their strength and conditioning goals.” Terrell uses a mix of free weights and body weight, with the occasional addition of nautilus equipment. He tailors each workout and fitness test for each client — no cookie cutter routines.

Working out with Terrell is always going to be challenging. It’s not going to be boring. He’s going to help you find your way to achieving, maintaining, and exceeding your goals.

“You want to come work out with me,” Terrell says. “You want to find out what I’m going to have you do. You want to find out what you CAN do.”